All state and federal boating and fishing regulations apply to HSV lakes in addition to HSV POA regulations.

• No boat, (power or sail), in excess of 28 feet in length, shall be allowed on the lakes.

• The following watercraft, that hold operators and/ or passengers, will not be permitted on HSV lakes: houseboats (watercraft used as living quarters) or any boats with toilet facilities, "unconventional craft" such as jet skis, water bikes, wave runners, drag boats, hydro planes, tunnel boats and power racing boats, or any motor boats without a muffler.

• Persons under 12 years of age may not operate a boat powered by more than 10 h.p. except under the direct supervision of an adult.

• Persons operating a boat must obey all buoy markers. A "NO WAKE" buoy indicates operator must slow the watercraft down and not generate waves that can erode the lakeshores and destroy boat docks. The area within 100 feet of shore is a "NO WAKE" area at all times and does not have to be marked with a buoy.

Safety Regulations:

• Overloading: No boat shall be loaded with persons or cargo to exceed the weight limits normally applied to a particular class, or type of craft.

• All recreation boats, and POA equipment must have one Personal Flotation Device (PFD) for each person on board, plus one throwable device.

• Children 12 years of age and younger must wear their PFD at all times while aboard a boat, except within the area enclosed by railings and only when the vessel is not underway.

• Operation of watercraft while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs is prohibited.

• Excessive noise after dark is prohibited.

• Firearms, air guns, pellet guns, bow and arrow or other weapons are not allowed in or about any boat on the waters, shoreline, dock or launching ramp, of any lake in HSV



All boats must be properly lighted between sunset and sunrise as prescribed by Arkansas State Law.


Powerboats (over 7.5 h.p.) shall yield the right -of-way to sail boats, anchored boats, manually -powered boats, motor -powered boats (under 7.5 h.p.) and other craft, when necessary, to avoid risk of collision. Boats departing from docks, piers or ramps shall have right-of-way over all other watercraft approaching the structure. This applies within 100 feet of the dock, pier or ramp.



Persons operating watercraft must obey all buoy markers. "NO WAKE" means no waves.

• Operation at a speed exceeding five miles per hour within 100 feet of a designated recreation area, dock, pier, raft, float, anchored boat, dam and shoreline is prohibited.


Boat Speed: Racing of boats on Village lakes is prohibited. Speed limits are as follows:

Lake                Maximum Speed

Balboa 35

Coronado 30

Cortez 30

Desoto 30

Granada – no water sports; 20

Pineda – no water sports; 20

Estrella – no water sports; No wake

Isabella – no water sports; No wake

Maria – no water sports; No wake

Segovia – no water sports; No wake (electric powered trolling motors only)

Sophia – no water sports; No wake


Water skiing, knee boarding and tubing:


Water sports (skiing, tubing, wake boarding, etc) are allowed on lakes in areas specifically marked for skiing. Boats pulling skiers must stay in the main body of water and NOT ENTER COVES, keeping 100 feet from the shoreline, docks, marina, launch ramps, floating markers, other craft and any areas so designated.

• Boats towing persons on water skis or similar devices must have, in addition to the driver, an observer (at least 12 years of age) or a wide-angle mirror to observe the person being towed.

• Water skiing traffic pattern must be in a counter clockwise direction.

• Water sports are permitted from ½ hr. after sunrise until ½ hr. before sunset

 • Boat operators and skiers must conform to all state and Coast Guard regulations pertaining to the operation of the boat and equipment such as belts, life preservers, tow ropes, etc.

• Parasailing is prohibited.

Aircraft:  Landing and takeoff of aircraft from HSV lakes is prohibited.



Swimming more than 100 feet from shore is not advisable.

Swimming is not allowed near boat launching and storage areas.



All rules and regulations of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission apply to anyone fishing the lakes and streams of HSV including, but not limited to the following:

• A valid Arkansas Fishing License is required by all persons 16 years of age or older who wish to fish the HSV lakes or streams.

• Local regulations relative to limits and size of fish caught may be adopted from time -to- time by the POA, and such regulations will be posted.

• No trotline, limb line, yo-yo, jug fishing or use of commercial nets is permitted.

• No spear fishing in HSV lakes.


No person shall deposit, place or throw from any boat, raft, dock, marina, shoreline, etc., any cans, paper, bottles, shrubbery, trimmings, grass cuttings, leaves, weeds, tree limbs, garbage or general refuse, nor solid or liquid waste, into the waters of any Village lake. Brush piles may be established for fish habitat under the direction of the Lakes Manager.  

The planting of Hyacinth or other water plants is prohibited.

Boat and Trailer Registration:

The POA requires all Members to purchase and display a lake -use decal on all boat(s) and trailers used on HSV lakes. Lake use is any boat sitting on or suspended above the lakes within HSV, or any boat trailer sitting within the parking area of any HSV boat-launch area.

Sponsored guests are required to register their boats at the POA, Desoto Marina or Balboa Marina by securing and displaying a temporary launch tag before usage on any HSV lake.

Any boat or trailer not properly displaying decal will receive a citation.

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